Help with Dropbox Sync (corrupt file) - what the heck!

Everything going well today until it wasn’t.

I have my backup folder in Apps/Scrivener

But I keep my Scrivener files in a different folder

All of a sudden these Scriv files aren’t opening nor are they indexing in Alfred’s search.

“The project data may have become corrupted. Try restoring from a backup, or create a new project and use File > Import > Scrivener Project to retrieve work from this project (structure information may be lost).”

Obviously this is more than a little frustrating but I’m sure it’s something we’ve all experienced here so I’ll try not to yell like an insane person about it. What’s Standard Procedure here?

None of the backup files are opening. Help!

and it’s back… after a computer restart…

It looks like you’re set up to sync with iOS, except typically, the “Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener” folder is for the projects you’re working on, not for the automatic backup copies made by Scrivener in case the main project is corrupted.

So, can you explain your setup, what other computers/devices you’re syncing with, and where you’re experiencing the error (Mac Scrivener, iOS Scrivener… Windows Scrivener…)?