Help with ePub 3 chapter titles pls

I am trying to create chapter titles (for compiling to ePub 3) that resemble the attached image. I know, or I at least think I know, that I need to assign Styles to the title text, but I’m not sure how to do that.

I tried assigning a Style in File > Compile > Edit Format > Section Layouts > Formatting, but that was unsuccesful. I also tried selecting / unselecting the “include font family” and “include font size” tick boxes in File > Compile > Edit Format > Styles, but likewise had no success.

Would appreciate some guidance on how to accomplish my goal. My test file is attached. Thank you. (106 KB)


This is quite straightforward, but I wonder if you are getting stymied by (1) the difference between paragraph and character styles and (2) a bug I noticed while looking at your project that causes character styles not to work the ePub 3 Section Layouts editor (I’ve fixed that for the next update). From what I can see, you have defined character styles in your Compile format whereas you really want paragraph styles, and that combined with the bug means that things won’t work. So, here’s how to fix it:

  1. In Compile, edit your “ePub 3” format.

  2. In the “Styles” area, delete the two styles there (“Title01” and “Title02”). As you can see from the “a” icon next to them, these are character styles only. The current bug means these won’t work at the moment, but also, you really want to work with paragraph styles when formatting your Section Layouts because you are working with whole paragraphs usually, and certainly in your case.

  3. Click the “+” button above the styles area and choose “Paragraph+Character Style”. This will create a new style that will affect both paragraph and character formatting.

  4. Give the new style a name (e.g. “Title”), change the text to blue, centre the text, embolden it and make it as big as you like - basically make it how you want your titles to look. Also change it from “Body” text to an HTML “Heading” number in the menu button on the left just above the style preview area.

  5. Be sure to tick “Include font size” at the bottom of the styles area. Note that there is no point ticking “Include font family” because fonts are not included in ebooks (I ought to hide that checkbox for ebooks, come to think of it) - the font family is determined by the e-reader device.

  6. Now switch to the “Section Layouts” area.

  7. In your “Bundle.- Folder Layout” Section Layout, select all of the text in the preview (“Day 1” and “Section Title”) and apply the “Title” style you created to it from the menu button above (which currently reads “No Style” - it will read “Title” afterwards).

That’s it. Now save your format and Compile, and all should be good.

All the best,

Fantastic. Thank you Keith.