Help with ePub error pls

Last year I created a book using Scrivener 2. I exported the book to ePub 2, then used iTunes Producer to submit the book to Apple’s iBook Store. Worked like a charm.

This month, I converted the same book to Scrivener 3. I made a few cosmetic corrections to the book, then exported to ePub 2. I then tried to submit it to the iBooks Store. iTunes Producer rejected the submission, with the attached errors.

I contacted Apple, but they directed me to the “source software that generated the ePub”. I really have no idea how to problem solve this. Can anyone help? Thanks.

In case anyone asks, I cannot export to ePub 3. There are some bugs in ePub 3 which I have reported to Scrivener, and which will be fixed in a future release.

Here’s one thing to try: … s-producer

There’s also this, but this is from a few years ago:

It looks like a problem with iTunes Producer, unless you have a bad URL somewhere in your text, but Apple likes to pass the buck. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Yes, I saw posts similar to the ones you refer to on the Apple user forum and on the iTunes Connect developer forum. Some posts suggest turning off the Signiant or Aspera transfer protocols. Other suggest updating Java and re-starting the Mac. But I didn’t try those ideas. Instead, I simply removed the spaces from my ePub file name, changing it from BOOK ONE.EPUB to BOOKONE.EPUB. That did that trick.

Thank you Keith.