Help with epub validation error?


I’m trying to upload my book to Smashwords. However, I’m getting a validation error. I ran the epub through and got the attached error message. I’m also attaching the beginning of an html file of my book I exported via “compile.” Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Adam Shopis

This problem can occur if a footnote is attached to text that is itself in a bullet or enumerated list. Given how the export engine works, the footnote ends up being enclosed in a line item element, but since there is no actual list environment in the HTML at that location, you get a validation error. I’ve sent these details to the developer. In the meanwhile, the best thing to do would be to open you ePub in Sigil or Calibre’s editor and running search to replace any li elements in the notes.xhtml file to p elements. In my testing you may also see a stray ul or ol element in the document that should be removed.

Another less technical approach would be to move the footnote anchor to an appropriate location outside of the list—but whether or not you can do that will of course depend on your content.