Help with export document to an outside email

Hello I’m trying to export my file from Scrivener to an outside email I’m working with my friend and he is helping me he’s going to edit two chapters I can’t find anywhere ho to select and send my chapters to him. I just need to be pointed to a place or simple command to start that process

It kind of depends on what you define as a “chapter” here. In some cases that may be as simple as a single binder entry, but I have some chapters that consist of hundreds of outline items.

  • For cases like the former, selecting the two items and using File ▸ Export ▸ Files... will be the easiest.
  • Otherwise you would probably want to compile them into a single file so your friend doesn’t have to weed through a bunch of small files. Best way to do that is to again select all of the pieces that constitute the chapters, and then when you go into compile, switch the dropdown above the Contents list to “Current Selection”.