Help with Folder Separators in Compile

I need help with the following situation. Within my draft, I have something that looks like this:


The Folders are empty.

When I compile, I get a blank line between the text from Text2 and Text3. I would like there to be no blank line between those two blocks of text, just a return at the end of Text2 so that the text from Text3 just starts a new paragraph. I have a workaround to get this to happen quickly after compile, but I don’t see what settings I should have for Text/Folder, Folder/Folder, and Folder/Text to avoid the blank line. Any help?

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Under “Separators” in Compile, choose “Single return” instead of “Empty line” for the “Text separator”. If that’s already selected, then check there isn’t an extra return character at the end of Text2.

Hmm, actually, it may be the folders that are adding the blank line - if they are empty they can still add a separator, so you may want to deselect “Include in Compile” for the folders so that they don’t cause any blank lines to be added. (This is intentional, so that you can use empty files or folders to insert separators, which is useful in some situations.)

Hope that helps.

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I’m pretty certain it is indeed the folders that are inserting the line.

My workaround was much more complicated than simply not including the folders in the compile. So thank you for the suggestion! 8)