Help with Footnotes >> RTF format >> MS Word

Hello all,

The latest version of MS Word (Mac) is not currently playing very nicely with Bookends.
The problem appears to be on the Word side – so I’m unable to “scan” my document, to properly pick up my references/citations, and format them in my required style.

The workaround requires me to compile into RTF, and scan the document via Bookends that way - and then touching things up finally in Word.

I’m struggling with the Compile though.
Playing around with the different options, I get the RTF option to work - but only with my Footnotes being presented as Endnotes. :confused:

Conversely, if I get the RTF looking like I want it to (with my Footnotes as they should be, not as Endnotes) - then the RTF cannot be opened by MS Word :unamused:

Any suggestions about where I need to be looking?

Would really appreciate if someone could kindly confirm if it is possible to have footnotes as opposed to endnotes from compiled RTF Scrivener documents?

Just want to know if I’m doing something wrong in the compile. :blush: