Help with footnotes?

How do I insert/use them add text and how do I delete them?

Format>Footnote. Delete them just like regular text. (The Mac version has a keyboard shortcut for this; Windows doesn’t appear to at the moment. It’s easy to make your own shortcuts on a Mac, but I don’t really know if there’s a way to do that for Windows without a specialty application/command line kind of stuff. Sorry!)

Also, using them is quite like working with any other formatted text. Footnotes are inserted like you would insert a bold line—and so working with them and around them is very much the same. To toggle some text into a footnote, select it and use the menu command. Use it again to toggle it back to ordinary text. To delete the text, delete it like you would anything else, select it and press backspace.

Except my footnotes don’t appear at all. Any ideas?

Could this be clarified a bit further? I’m not sure if you mean you can’t see the text you’ve type in or converted to a footnote, or a print out?