Help with formatting..

I have created a new project, without templates. I’ve made folders with chapters, and scenes and texts within the chapter folders. When I start a new text, I start off in the draft folder – how can I get the formatting, type of name/title/page number etc.? I read somewhere that one could put something in the draft folder? Is it possible to add template formatting after I have initiated a project?


Well, for one you don’t ever have to worry about putting header and footer type information into the component documents of a project. Not only would that not make any sense (what “page” is anything on anyway, until you compile it?), there is no way to do it. Some documents might only be a paragraph long, or less. Some might be an entire chapter.

To get elements of a template type idea into individual documents though, simply copy and paste them. If you set up your own little preset that you would like to keep using as a “template” or starting point, you can just create a blank one in the Binder somewhere and duplicate it whenever you need a new one.

Scrivener is a rich text editor like any other. The main difference is that it lets you quickly view lots of different text documents at once in different ways, and arrange them easily. It’s strictly a drafting tool though. There are some simple header/footer type things that can be done in the Compile sheet, but for the most part if you need to do something beyond simple manuscript submission, you’ll need to finish your book in a word processor. Last step kind of thing.