Help with highlighting….

Hi all,

I am trying to refine a workflow that involves exporting parts of my scrivener project to my tablet/iphone, do my editing, and bring the edited document back into scrivener. It appears that if I highlight my document in Scrivener, I can’t produce an exported/compiled version that shows the highlights. I’m using Word 2003 and I have tried dragging and dropping the file outside of Scrivener, exporting as Doc, or Rtf, and compiling various ways. I have discovered that if I highlight the document outside of scrivener, using Word, and then save the .rtf file as a “.doc” file, and then drag that file into Scrivener, the highlighting persists. Pulling my hair out now-- am I missing something? Is there no way to get my highlighting OUT of Scrivener? Thanks in advance.

Okay, so, have come up with a solution that will work well enough for me, since I never use Word anyway:

if I drag and drop my scrivener file onto my desktop, and then upload to google drive, I can edit on my ipad using google drive app, then download updated file from google drive to desktop and drag and drop into scrivener. This will preserve: text color, underlines, italics and bold, which I can search on inside of scrivener, applying whatever final edits I want. At the moment the iPad google drive app doesn’t support comments or strikeouts, and although it supports highlighting the highlighting isn’t read by scrivener. I can make do with the workaround.

But I still have a general question about highlighting: if I am unable to export it or compile it, it doesn’t really do me any good as an editing tool-- better to use text color or underline. Is it known that highlighting doesn’t export, or am I doing something wrong?

This is a bug on the fix-list. Highlighting should be getting exported and does for ODT and PDF formats, but it’s failing to come across on RTF, DOC, and DOCX. So nothing you’re doing wrong; it should export but isn’t working currently.

Well fantastic!! I look forward to having it working. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now, one more question, since we’re talking: I see that in the Mac version short-cut keys can be applied to highlighting. Is that on the “eventual features” list for windows?

And, I posted a question earlier that nobody answered, which was about wanting to set a shortcut key for the “append to document” command. Is that going to be a possibility ever?

The hope is to provide the ability to assign shortcut keys to any of the menu commands, even if they do not have shortcuts by default. This all has to get coded by the developer, though, since there’s not a global way to handle this as on OS X, so I don’t know when it’s going to make an appearance. It is on the list, though; we’re all agreed this would be very useful! In the meanwhile, both highlight and append are available via the context menu in the editor–that might be more convenient for you than the main menu or format bar.

Ah, good point. I will try that next time. Thanks for clarifying about all this. I’m always happy to wait for this excellent program to get better. :slight_smile: