Help with horizontal spacing please

I want to have 1.5 line spacing in my manuscript. When I create my manuscript in Scrivener 2 and compile to PDF, it comes out fine. But when I use Scrivener 3 to compile to PDF, I get wider line spacing. See attached image, noting the lengths of lines A and B.

It probably is something simple, but I can’t see what’s wrong with my Scrivener 3 version. Also attached are my SCRIV test fines. Advice welcome.

Text - S3 To (102 KB)
Test - S2 To (80.3 KB)

It looks to me as though as well as the line spacing you have the Space Before and Space After settings too large – they’re at 36pt at the moment.

Right click on your format to edit it, then click on Section Layouts > Folder Bundle Layouts. Click on the Line Spacing dropdown (correctly set to 1.5), then on Other and you’ll get this…

Select both elements of the title and change the before / after settings and it should work. You can see the difference in the second screenshot.


Yep, Brookter hit the nail on the head - you have added 36pt paragraph spacing before and after the titles in your 3.0 project.

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Thank you, much appreciated! I didn’t even know that a line-height options panel existed. I guess the Scrivener 2 to Scrivener 3 conversion process somehow set the spacing at 36 points.

Problem sovled. Thanks again for the help!

By default, Scrivener doesn’t convert any 2.x Compile settings because they are so different between versions. It’s possible that in recreating your old settings, though, you edited a Section Layout that already had some paragraphs spacing added - I use paragraph spacing in a number of the default layouts.

There’s an easier way of bringing across your Compile settings from 2.x, though: in Compile, from the gear menu below the Formats list, choose “Import Scrivener 2 Preset…”. Then, from the list that appears, choose “Last Settings Used” under “Scrivener 2 Project Presets”. This will import the Compile settings you last used when working on the project in Scrivener 2. You can then tweak the settings for 3.0 and assign the Section Layouts as necessary.

There’s an exhaustive upgrade guide here that covers converting settings from 2.x: … date-guide

It doesn’t sound as though you need to go through that, though, as you already seem to be on top of things.

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