Help with image linked to file

I am new to Scrivener, trying to see if this would be helpful for me to use for writing etc.

I am trying to include images into the book, I will potentially have lots of images so need to include links to the images as opposed to embedding them into the document.

If I simply add the image and compile using Format As: Original and Compile for: Print, then I see the image in the output PDF.

However, if I use the Image linked to file menu or the <$img:……> tag, then try to compile, I get no images in the output PDF

I suspect I am doing something wrong here so any assistance anyone could give me will be much appreciated.


Welcome to Scrivener, and to the forum, KeithB.

I don’t use images, so can’t help you with your query. But I strongly suggest that you re-post it in the main Scrivener for Mac forum (Board index > Scrivener > Scrivener for Mac OS X > Technical Support (Mac)), where it’s likely to attract more attention from those that do know.