Help with importing html from web sites

Ok, so I’ve read the RTFM, looked on here and am still stuck importing web pages. I have set preferences to convert to text and what I get is what looks like a blank page. On inspection it turns out this is white text in a table. I can - laboriously - to reformat the text and that works but I can’t get rid of the table and the boxes around it!!! URRRRGHHH.

Any ideas - I have hundreds of pages to import!!!

PS Amazing product. Cheque in the post (BG)

Could you post a link to one of the pages with which you are having problems? Are you using File > Import > Web Page? To ask a stupid question, the text on the page isn’t white, is it? i.e. It’s not just that you are seeing white text on a white background? I doubt it, but it’s always worth checking the obvious. :slight_smile:
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Yes, the text on the page is white on green … so I’m assuming at some point that it has to be made black - the synopsis on the pin board is black and fine!
The site I am having trouble with is on cdrom so can’t send a link - but I’ll try to upload a page. (3.84 KB)

If it has imported in white - and it sounds as though that is what has happened - click in the text view and hit cmd-A so that everything is selected. Then hit shift-cmd-C to open the colour palette and set the colour to black. Hopefully this should reveal the text.