Help with MAC to Windows Sync. PLEASE HELP!

I have Scrivener on both Windows and MAC. Both are the latest versions of Scrivener. I was syncing via Dropbox (see my entry in the Scrivener MAC Support Forum) and it will work from Windows to Mac provided that everything is shut down, but it won’t work from the Macbook AIR to Windows. I decided to forget Dropbox and put the files on a flash drive but the Windows computer still isn’t recognizing Scrivener files.

Nobody has replied to my message on the other forum – perhaps because I am new or because it is a weekend.

I really need to resolve this! The Macbook AIR is my take along anywhere computer so I need to be able to sync back and forth. Besides editing, I am really working hard with the structure of my paper, so I am rearranging files, adding new references and so on. All of that needs to sync properly between the computers.

Thanks so much in advance for helping an old lady in distress.

Pam :frowning:

Does this help?