I’m a computer knucklehead and need help.

Suppose the following:

*I have two Macs, a desktop in the office that IS NOT connected to the internet
and a laptop w/ WiFi capabilities.

  • I want to be able to transfer Scriv files between the two using, presumably, a thumb drive.

Question: Is there a way to save files or set up Preferences such that, when I drag on file from Mac 1 onto Mac 2, it recognizes the file and replaces any earlier copies residing there with the new, presumably edited or ammended file?


See my answer to this question here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=24241

FYI, this is a place to share tips that others might benefit from; technical support is the better spot for asking how to accomplish something, which can often sprout long discussions.

I faced the same problem. I decided to use an external HD. I saved my Scrivener folder/cabinet to the external HD. Opened up the folder/cabinet using windows explorer. I added addition folders under Files as needed for each type of information. My total Endnote database was also on the same external HD but not in the Scrivener folder/cabinet. I saved data files (Excel, Prism, Images, Powerpoint, PDF and even individual emails from Outlook) that were associated with the Scrivener project all under Files in their separate folders. I named the external HD drive J: for all my machines and then worked exclusively off the external HD. Once per week or more often, I would then backup the entire external HD using SyncToy. This is the simplest thing I could think of for using more than one machine.

My biggest problem is I lose documents all the time. So I figured if I always saved to the Scrivener folder/cabinet in folders under Files on J:/, that even if I dragged one of the documents or pdfs to resource section of Scrivener it would maintain the short-cut link no matter which machine I was on because the link would always be J:\Scrivener Projects\test 1.scriv\Files\PDFs. As long as you do not mess with the essential folders used by Scrivener, I think you can put anything in the Scrivener folder/cabinet. I have been working this way for a while now and so far so good.

I am not sure about the reliability of thumb drives and besides, I seem to lose those pretty fast too. I decided use a Seagate FreeAgent which comes with a nice case and then back up often. If you give it a try let me know how it works for you.

Take care