help with series books

I’m writing a series of books all with the same characters and settings. I saw on this link … ca_mccarty that this author is doing the same thing using Scrivener. I’m not sure how she is doing that. I tried duplicating manuscript, so write more than one book in a project, but it wouldn’t duplicate. Trying to keep the character and setting info updated and duplicated through multiple projects seems like defeating some of the ease of using Scrivener. Advise, please?

This is mainly just a minor issue with the duplicate function that is already on the list of things to fix. There is already a way to do this though, just by duplicating the stuff inside of the Draft and moving the duplicated components to another top level folder. The easiest way to do this is to select everything inside of the Draft folder, use Documents/Duplicate/with Subdocuments, then Documents/Group. That will put everything into a new folder, which you can then move out of the Draft and set aside.

Alternatively some people put all of the series into the Draft folder, and when it comes time to compile you can select which top level folder to compile, rather than using the entire Draft. This can be done in the Contents compile option pane. At the very top of that you’ll see a drop-down menu (set to Draft, or whatever it has been renamed to, by default). That is where you could select between the top level “Book One” or “Book Two” folders.

Thanks, AmberV. Good suggestions

I’ve found the second suggestion to be the most practical. Just create a separate folder for each book in the series within the Draft/Manuscript folder, then change the compile group when you’re ready to compile. It’s much easier than moving folders around in your project every time you want to switch books, particularly if you want to compile a previous book to review it for plot twists and loose threads while working on another book in the series.

Good advice, JennK. Thanks. It still feels clumsy, but I guess I’ll get used to it.