Help with setting up a short story collection.

I’m posting in this forum because I read that I wasn’t supposed to ask for help in the Tips and Tricks Forum (which I had done but received no responses. I don’t really regard this as a technical question, more of a frustrated relative newbie. Here’s my original post, although it probably just touches the surface of the problem, but I am so frustrated my original cash offer stands!

"I’m getting tired of trying to figure out how to title each story, carry the title of the story into the right heading while maintaining the collection title in the left heading (which I occasionally get right then find all my other formatting has hit the proverbial fan. I’d rather spend my time polishing my stories than using my “try and compile” method. Willing to pay for assistance (actually happy and expecting to pay for assistance).

So far:

Novel Format

Root is Novel Title

Level 1 is a folder for Chapter Heading (used for short story title)

Level 2, I used scene( or scenes, from one to many), but that wouldn’t get my chapter (story) title into the page heading (using <$pageGroupParentTitle>). I’ve used section, which depending on how I format the other sections or scenes works well or doesn’t. And I’ve used all scenes, which gives me Chapter Headings as desired, but other issues arise.

(Scrivener 3.2.2 for Mac)

TIA, John"

My video at the Dropbox link should get you started:

Or contact me at

drmajorbob at yahoo


You’ll reach me faster the 2nd way.

Thank you, DrMajorBob.

Your video did the trick. I really appreciate you sharing it with me.

I’ll check out your FB page when I get a chance.

Take care,