Help with spellcheck.

Apologies in advance. This seems like a trivial problem, which I should be able to solve on my own, but after two weeks, I am still lost. Here’s my issue: I keep auto-spellcheck turned off while I’m writing, because the red squiggly lines distract me from the task at hand. Recently I finished a major project, and wanted to spellcheck the whole thing before sending it off. I couldn’t find a command that would allow me to spellcheck a project, or even to spellcheck a group of selected documents. The option to spellcheck an individual document was grayed out. So I re-enabled “auto-spellcheck”, hoping that the option to spell check a document would be available, and it wasn’t. I’m stumped.

Is it possible to spellcheck a project with auto-spellcheck turned off? If so, how? :slight_smile:

With ‘Check Spelling While Typing’ turned on or off …

  1. Select draft folder (or any folder that you want to check)

  2. View in scrivenings

  3. Make sure the cursor is in the documents so that the docs have focus (might be best to have the cursor at the top of the first doc so that the checker starts at the beginning of the body of text)

  4. Press CMD SHIFT COLON // ⌘ ⇧ :

  5. The 'Spelling and Grammar" box should open and check the document for you


Briar, one the many things I love about Scrivener - apart from the fact that it’s the best piece of software anyone ever created :slight_smile: - is the quality of help you can get from people on the forums. Your post being a perfect example. Ridiculously helpful. Many Thanks.

Thanks, too, to se1961 for asking the same question that was driving me round the bend. :slight_smile:

I see your silver tongue and am dazzled by it. :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words. A good community for finding support: I’m indebted to a lot of people around here.

So, there’s no way to check the entire project without going to each document one at a time? (Windows version)

Select the whole project, i.e. Draft folder. No need to spell check Research, right?

No matter what I do, it will spell check only one document at a time.

I have it set up like so:

Manuscript (folder)
Part 1 (folder)
Chapter 1 (folder)
Section (file)
Section (file)

and so on. Even if I select a folder that contains files, it only checks one file at a time.

… and if you select Manuscript in the Binder?