Help with styles (newbie)


I’m used to Microsoft Word and it’s various handy preset styles. H1-H4, Quote, etc.

I’ve created a non-fic type project in Scrivener and don’t see much in the way of styling choices. Just 6 choices in the dropdown.

Is this the way it’s supposed to be? And I just manually fiddle with font style and size as I go to great headers and whatnot?

Or, more likely, am I just missing the styling feature somewhere? Or maybe there’s a style setup step I missed?


  1. Scrivener actually uses “formatting presets” – which work similarly to styles in many (but not all) ways.

  2. You can define your own formatting presets to suit your needs by manually formatting something and then using Format > Formatting > New Preset From Selection.

  3. In addition to appearing on the format bar pop-up, all your presets appear on a submenu (Format > Formatting > Apply Preset) and for this reason, you can use Apple > System Prefs > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts to assign key commands to your most used presets.

But you will really want to look to the Scrivener Manual. Section 15.4.3 “Formatting Presets (Styles)”

gr – fellow Scrivener user

Thanks gr.