Help with table of contents organization for single document

I’m about a year into using Scrivener, and I definitely am not doing a great job. I was a Google Docs devotee for years, but can’t use it for this project. What I loved most about Google docs is that, in a single document, I was able to create sections using “Header 2, Header 3” etc, and it would autogenerate a table of contents on the side of the document so I could click that and go right to where I wanted in the document without having to leave the document entirely. This is great for having one single document with different chapters outlined on the side, or if you’re organizing notes and transcripts you can see all the topics in that document and skip to the one you need without scrolling. I realize in scrivener you can put a bunch of different documents into one folder, each with a different category or chapter heading or chronology etc, and skip around that way, but it just isn’t as convenient. Is there a way to do this the google docs way that I’ve been missing? Pls help and ty.

Yes. Use Google Docs.

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As I said, I can’t for this project. Thanks for your thoughtful response :slight_smile: <3

It probably wasn’t the answer you wanted to hear. Scrivener is designed to shine when working with smaller chunks of text (as parts / subdocuments of a larger work), and doing it this way gives you all the benefits you listed. But not in a single file.

If you’re on Apple you can use Pages as it does something similar.

The way to do this in Scrivener is with the Binder. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good overview of fundamental operations like this.

If you insist on having everything “in a single document,” you will miss a large fraction of Scrivener’s potential.