Help with the manuscript, novel format

I’m using the manuscript novel format and can see how it works on the file with the program, with the different pages and the novel format. But i can only get the title page and the first chapter to work, its not showing it with different pages like the file and doesnt keep format when i open a new document for a new chapter. I have checked tutorial but its too vague for the different wrting programs, it more for the system. Need help, I need to write with this scrivener its taking alot of time.

Is this an accidental double-post? If so I’ll delete the thread.

Ok i can use command and d to duplicate a chapter, but is that the only way to do it and still i cant get a page break, its all on one page.

Page breaks aren’t really meaningful within Scrivener. Page breaks are a layout thing, and Scrivener doesn’t really concern itself with layout.

When you Compile Draft to combine Scrivener documents into a single output file, you can tell it to insert page breaks between sections.

Have you gone through the Tutorial?

What are you trying to do?


There are no page breaks in Scrivener (or rather, there is no page layout mode) - it even says this on the product page and in the intro video. (The next version actually adds page layout, but mainly for screenwriters who need it; it’s not an integral feature as Scrivener is not a layout program.) I definitely recommend going through the tutorial and Help files.
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