Help with the Scrivener Search results

Hi there,
I’m afraid this is a stupid question, but I’m having trouble using Scrivener to see where things ARE in a manuscript I’m working on. For example, I have a section on “Non-Linearity” in Part IV of the MS. If I search “Non-Linearity” then that section does pop up in the pink/purple binder search results on the left-hand side. What it DOESN’T show is that I have this section inside of Part IV.

In other words, what I’d like to see is something like:

MS > Part IV > Chapter Title > Non-Linearity

But I don’t know whether Scrivener has this ability and, if so, how to find it.

Any thoughts?

Brad Berens, a newcomer to this forum

Once you’ve located the document, right-click on it and choose the Reveal in Binder command.

This will shift the focus back to the main Binder, but the Search Results collection is still there if you need to go back to it.