help with transferring to Windows

Hello, I’m pretty new to Scrivener. I’m writing a thesis and want to transfer a large section to Word so that I can check it out before sending it to my supervisor. I’m not sure how to do this (very basic I know) so can you explain really clearly as I’m not good at clever computer stuff. I’m afraid that if I do transfer the document it won’t be in Scrivener any more. If I transfer to Word and then decide it’s not quite right, can I still work on it in Scrivener or not? In other words, is it the original document transferring or is it a copy? Also, I notice that the footnotes appear differently in the two different programmes and I need to be sure that they will move across smoothly.Thanks

When you use the “Compile” feature, it creates a copy, assembling all the parts of your Scrivener “project” into a document of a certain type. If you choose a Word compatible output type, then that copy will be readable by Word. It will have absolutely no effect upon your original Scrivener project, so I suggest you try it now, before you really need the Word-compatible output. Load it into Word (or if you don’t have Word, try Open Office, which can load Word files), and make sure it looks roughly as you want it to look. That way, there are no surprises at the 11th hour.

Thank you Robert. That’s given me the confidence to go ahead. Trouble is that I seem to have so many versions of this document in Word and I can’t find the one I’ve just compiled! Also, I found one version that had been written on scrivene but it’s got extra folders in it that I didn’t click as I don’t want them included, so I think it’s and earlier version. Anyway, the footnotes are all missing. What do I do about that ? There are so many footnotes! And can I fix it so that the font and layout is right when it goes to Word or do I do that when I edit at the Word document?