Help with Trial

Downloaded the trial. It says – in the left hand column, choose, blah, blah, blah. There is no left hand column of topics, so could not start the tutorial.

It sounds like the Binder got closed accidentally. The keyboard shortcut for that is Ctrl-Shift-B. You can also click the blue 4-ring binder icon on the far left of the toolbar to toggle the sidebar on and off.

And once you have the binder sidebar visible with the folders in it, you can click the triangle or “+” to the left of the “Part 1” folder to show the first list of documents referenced in the tutorial if they aren’t already visible. You should be able to see and select the “Step 1: Beginnings” file.

thanks – I will have to give concerted attention to it because a quick look had my eyes crossing. I am a computer dumbo – at least I got the left hand list. I even purchased Scrivener for dummies from Amazon – I think I’ll need it.