Help with where to put segways

I am always having segways in my writings that I want to include somewhere, but I am not exactly sure where. I would like a way to mark or highlight them in whatever area I am working and a copy will automatically go to a storage folder. I would like to give them a one or two word title so they can all be found or stored in the same location. I have many of these types of items that I would like to keep in one spot to be reviewed later. That way I am not always repeating these little segways in other areas, without me knowing I already said the same thing somewhere else. I am new to using this version of Scrivener, I used the old version before and fought with this. I have done the whole tutorial but I never truly learn anything without doing something over and over again. Can someone help me out with some ideas on how to accomplish what I am trying to do.

I’m not sure I follow the meaning of segway you’re using. But I also like to track some things to check for consistency and timely narrative. For some of them I use comments, or footnotes, typically signalled by a special keyword to join them.

For instance, if I want to track the mentions to a special artefact, say, a notebook, I create a comment that starts with /NOTEBOOK/. Then I can search for /NOTEBOOK/ and list all the documents that contain references to it, like an index.

References also can be of use. I can create a document somewhere named Notebook and then create a link to it on every place I use the concept, which on the Mac will create a back-reference by default. Then that Notebook document can be used as an index to examine all references to it.

Other users use metadata also. This thread may be of interest.

Hope this helps!

The Binder is your friend. Put your segway (or excurus) in a separate document. If you need to refer to it then use a Scrivener link. You could change the icon for the document or set the document’s label (in the Inspector) to some unusual colour as a visual reminder that the document is a segway. But really the Binder is your friend.

Just a comment in passing: “Segway” is a two-wheeled transportation device; “segue” is a transition.

Wow, Thank you everyone for all the suggestions. I apologize for the poor wording and explanation. I am really impressed with the great support of this community.