Help with wiki updates for the Linux page?

There’ve been a couple of threads about odd behavior in the 3.5 beta after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10. Directing them to the .deb file seems to have helped at least some of them, and I updated the wiki page at … g_natively with current instructions for installing the 3.5 beta from a deb package. Could someone update the instructions for installing from the tarball and/or running in Wine?

(Also, any way Lit&Lat could host the .deb files? I just feel funny pointing people to my site all the time, like I’m using it as a way to drive traffic there or something. It just feels… spammy to me.)

The wine directions aren’t any different aside from the fact that the native QT dlls aren’t needed for installation. (You still need the C++ stuff and native fonts, if you want it to look nice.) Standard disclaimer that I’ve only tried it with the most recent version of WINE, of course.

Let me just double-check with Keith and Lee, but this seems reasonable to me. I’ll get back to you.