Help won't work

I needed to view the tutorial about how to save information, since I’m having difficulty with saving my work.
I clicked on Help. Open tutorial. and my screen to ‘save file’ opened. I need to open the tutorial. I have nothing to ‘save’ as I am seeking help on how to use Scrivener.
I have Windows 7, HP laptop, Scrivener 4 Windows 1.3 Beta. I updated it a day ago.
I need help. :slight_smile:

Scrivener wants you to give the tutorial a new name so the original can be preserved for future use.
Name it and the tutorial will open under the new name.

It is possible to choose your own save location for your project files.
What I did was use windows explorer or my computer to build the directory folders
i.e. Scrivener Projects (as the group folder)

Underneath that, I created new folders for each of my projects. A different folder for each project.

Then, I went through my Documents folder.
I moved each ___________.scriv folder into the appropriately named sub-folder.
It is crucial not to change anything in the _______.scriv folder, as it contains all the definitions for the project.
Once I had those in place, I had a path to follow.
I could then click on the ________.scriv folder.
Inside there is a file with the scrivener Icon.
Click on this to open the project.


Under File menu, I chose Open. Then followed the path to the correct ___________.scriv folder.
I then opened the __________.scriv folder. In there is a file with the Scrivener Icon. I clicked on that file to open it. The project opens

Scrivener will then remember the location, so you can choose Recent Projects to access your projects.

Everything is kept in place under a master folder containing a folder for each project, all uniquely named.

I built other folders in which to keep my backups, again I used specific folders for each project.

i.e. Scrivener Projects>Murder1>Murder1.scriv
Scrivener projects>Murder2>Murder2.scriv
Scrivener projects>Murder3>Murder3.scriv

Keeping each project in specific folders makes them easier to manage.

Once you Save the project, Scrivener remembers the path to the project so you can open the project via Recent Projects under the File Menu.

I am just another Scrivener user sharing what I learned.