Help! Wrote on an older version of scrivener, got locked out due to locked out of it due to license and new scrivener 3 license doesent work?

So I just bought a license for Scrivener, Scrivener 3 to be exact and tried to enter that into my older version. It gave me an License does not match the product error message and so, after a few tries, i downloaded a newer version from the website. This newer version accepted the key, doesent have any of my files tho. How do i import all my projects? Where are they located? I cant find out because im still completely locked out of my older version, please help!

The new license won’t work with the old version.

To open old projects in the new version, you just go Files > Open and navigate to the directory you saved the projects in and open each project you want converted. If you can’t remember where you saved them, do a search on .scrvx.

They will be converted to the new format (a backup is made also) and then populate your Recent menu.

Just a tip going forward. Make a note where you save files for various programs. It makes it a lot easier when issues such as this come up.

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