Hi LunarClipper,

I just finished a non-fiction book on monetary engineering (for everyone to understand). The Spanish version will come out either in September or October, and a publisher is currently reading the English version, which I translated myself. I have a company as well that I started in 2008 (in order to stop having to job around to make a living) and am still trying to get it on its feet. We produce and sell organic chemistry products for bioremediation, cleaning and such, with the industry at large and the oil industry as our target (to see how they can pollute less). We are also able to supply cutting-edge waste treatment technologies to make ethanol or electricity from municipal waste, and will as of next year install a structured-water bottling facility (here in Ecuador). I have been a jack of all trades, but since I married 13 years ago I have more or less settled down and try to find time to what I’ve always been working on, which is my writing. Actually, the past 5 years I’ve been living mostly off of my writing (which includes scripts, copy, etc.), and am currently trying to get back to a novel I’d left untouched since 2006. My writer’s block has been category-dependent (hardly done any fiction) due to my work load and, yes, lifescope creep?