my stuff won’t compile for export ! :open_mouth:
I have no idea what I am doing wrong! I have four chapters /sections in my binder and it will only export the first one - the rest are coming through blank! :cry:

Could you please give more details? What do you mean by “coming through blank”? Are all the files inside the Draft folder? What are your compile settings?
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Are the other three children of the Draft/Manuscript/Whatever-you’ve-called-it folder, or are they siblings at the same level in the hierarchy as the Draft? Only documents within the Draft/etc. folder will compile.


I solved it eventually by checking all the tick boxes and I checked the ‘as is’ box and it compiled and exported fine.

I am really finding my way with Scrivener - at times it feels like a dream tool but its interfacing with word is causing me huge problems (clearly down to my ineptitude as I really do not know what I am doing!)

Now I have compiled it exported it as an rtf file opened in word, and it is appearing as an A5 doc rather than an A4 - I have checked the margin settings and page set up and all is set for A4 portrait layout so I am not sure what I ma doing wrong - I have read the help file but there is a level of assumption in its instructions that it is talking to someone who knows about file pathways etc!

I do apologise I am aware I am probably doing something fundamentally wrong and simple to fix but as I am very new to all this software and not that brilliant at Word I really do need a dummies guide!

Thanks and sorry for the delay in replying - I was crying into my supper! :blush:

Just to give you all a wee giggle the reason my margins were so out of kilter was because I had comments which exported and hence appeared in comment boxes on the left hand side … typical technofuckwitism!

I knew it was me and not Scrivener!