:blush: Hello,

I have recently started to use Scrivener a couple of days ago, i can convert to eBook but coming up against problems, as per attachment i cannot figure out how to remove font matter. Basically all i want to do is your standard table of contents, title, preface etc,

In the second attachment i am having problems the chapter heading is not be placed near the top of the page, i am unsure how to fix it as tried most things.

Is there any fixed settings for Ebook size or formats i should be looking at before upload.

Feedback most welcome.

With the chapter line being spaced down from the top of the screen, that is almost certainly a padding option you have set. Check in the Formatting compile option pane, click on the type of items generating chapter titles (probably folders but you can see what each type is doing by clicking on them in the list and checking the preview area). For those items generating titles, make sure the Page Padding setting is 0 (or whatever you prefer).

As for the front matter, it’s hard to say without knowing all of the components that go into your compilation process, but as a general answer, the automatic ToC that Scrivener creates has no customisation, so if the generic defaults do not work for you, simply edit the book using a tool for doing so, such as Sigil or Calibre. There you will have full control over both the presented ToC that the reader can flip through, and the menu ToCs that drive the type of stuff you see in your screenshot.

Or do you mean you want to remove whatever is in the “Front Matter” folder entirely, content as well? If so, check the Contents compile option pane, that setting is along the bottom. Just remove the checkmark to disable it.

i have a issue also my tab appears missing meaning i can’t include any links into my formatted e-book can anyone help?