I wanted to know how to edit the “Chapter” feature that automatically appears when you compile? I only want the chapter names that I have given to show (i.e Prologue) instead of “Chapter 1” and then Prologue that I named the 1st chapter. Can someone please help me? Please and thank you :slight_smile:

This feature is located in the Formatting compile option pane (click the blue arrow if you don’t see full options). What you want to do is click on the thing in the upper part of the pane that generates chapter breaks for you (if you started with a template and followed its design, that is probably going to be the folder row). You should see a checkmark in the “Title” column for it, that is what tells the compiler to print the folder name. With this selected, click the Section Layout button and there you should find the title prefix and suffix, where numbering and generic title text can be inserted.