HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! !

oh my…
i am in quite a pickel (maybe even a cucumber…)

i have a massive english project, and unlike my usual procrastonating slef, i have already finished it. when i went to open it up thismorning to go over it all again, Scrivener would not open the file!

by this i mean.

the .scriv was saved to the desktop
i click the .scriv
it opens scrivener
but nothing comes up…

i shut down scrivener,
restart via the scrivener icon, thinking the .sciv target has been altered somehow.
this time it tells me i need to enter my registration code…

enters registration code and it opens.
check the recent files in the menu bar, nothing there…
go to the ‘open’ option and select the .scriv document on the desktop. it wont open…

check other scrivener documents, first two open no problem, everything working fine, try one of my novels, does the same thing as my project… (insert mad cussing here)

i hope that made sence…

goodnews though, when i left click and go to ‘see contents’ most of the files are in there under odd titles and i can open them in text edit.

please help me!!!

Can you zip up the project and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? I’ll take a look to see what is going on.

Also, when you go to open it via Scrivener, also open up the Console (~/Applications/Utilities/Console) and see if it says anything there about Scrivener (the Console can spew up useful errors).

Did you do anything to your computer recently? Disable any fonts or anything?


Maybe a font duplicate issue or a key font is turned off.

File Permission Issue?

Multiple copies of Scrivener on the computer and maybe the project was done in a NEWER version (Beta?)

i only use 1 version, which is the one i purchased…so i don’t know if there was an update that installed…but i’m still running 1.1.
i havn’t done anything major to my computer…

but i’ll send the file…unfortunatly, i’m at school right now and on a dell…and i have to work tonight, so i’ll send the file around 11:00 PM my time.

Thanks for the help

(and sorry about the terrible spelling, like i said, i’m at school and have to write this quickly! :unamused: )