Sorry, it’s me again. I have spent the whole afternoon going through the tutorial, and I can’t find the answer to these two questions, I’m sure the answers are there but I’m just technologically challenged! How can I get my text into the manuscript folder as I’m typing? And how do I change the font on a permanent basis instead of at the start of each text document I type? Sorry if these are silly questions but I really want to get to grips with this before November. Thank you.

To answer your second issue first, go to File - Options or press the F12 key at the top right of your keyboard somewhere) and under the ‘Editing’ heading select the ‘Formatting’ tab and see if anything there looks like what you want.

[attachment=1]formatting editor.png[/attachment]

As to your first issue, if I’m reading correctly, in the binder (column down the left hand side) click on the folder called ‘Manuscript’ or ‘Draft’ (called different names depending on which template you use) and that will show the main editor directly in front of you.

Click within the editor and get writing.

[attachment=0]open editor.PNG[/attachment]

Good luck.

Thank you so much. Unfortunately I just can’t get my head around this program at all. I’m sure if I could, it would be a great help, but it’s just me! I’ve been through the tutorial twice, I’ve taken notes, but I’m still confused by it. I so wanted to do it for Nanowrimo, and the offer is great, but I’m just lost in the program.
Thanks again for trying to help me. Di