So idk if this part is relevant, but the entire day it said I’d been using scrivener when I wasn’t. I didn’t really think anything of it at first, until I tried to open scrivener and then nothing happened. I kept clicking on the scrivener icon in my desktop, and my cursor would turn blue and do that thing where it buffered for a bit, but even after minutes of waiting, nothing would happen. My cursor would just turn back into an arrow again. So I tried opening my WIP through the back-up. Still, nothing happened. So I closed everything and restarted my laptop, thinking it was just a glitch and maybe my laptop was acting up. But then I noticed that my scrivener back-up file, the one that I’ve always used to open scrivener, was gone. There’s just this blank space where it used to be. My scrivener app still works, but it no longer opens to my updated version. Instead, it opens to the version I had months ago when I was still in the outlining process. I had about 33k words in my WIP I hope it isn’t lost forever. I’ve named that project one of my favorites, but when I check for my favorite files in scrivener, it says I have none. The file I had that was the most updated was back up 3, and so far, I can only find back up 1. Please PLEASE tell me it can be recovered.

You shouldn’t have been opening a backup routinely. Beyond that, I’d have to see the problem to diagnose it. Zoom session?

Find me at or I’m usually available noon to 5 or after 10 (for a while), central (Texas) time.

hey thanks, I REALLY appreciate it, but I was able to recover my story. I just had to extract it from the zipped file. I’ve been writing in the back-up, and I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be doing that. Is there a way I could transfer all the data in the back-up to another project? One that isn’t a back up??

Open two projects side by side and drag/drop from one to the other.