Helping with Scrivener for Dummies

I’m now writing Scrivener for Dummies. I’ve been using Scrivener on the Mac for a few years now and I’m really really pleased to have got a contract to write Scrivener for Dummies. However, I’m aware that I don’t know everything about it, although I now know a lot!
Even more important, Scrivener is such a flexible tool that everyone uses it in their own way. And what I need is to know how people use it. I have been collecting use cases but I’m sure there are more things people do with it, and I’m sure there are infinite combinations of features that you use to get the result you want.
What I’d like to use this forum for is to share favourite things about Scrivener, ideas and tips we have come across, things we have written in Scrivener and anything else you think might be helpful.
In return I’ll share things that I’ve discovered and thoughts on the higher order of Scrivener. I’ll also try to answer questions if they seem relevant, though I don’t want this to be a general query forum!
I’d like to point out that I reserve the right to take any tips and tricks and thoughts and weave them into the book, but I won’t take anything you’ve written and use it without confirming it with you first.
You can also join my Scrivener for Dummies mailing list to keep track of what’s happening here