Helvetica is missing?

Hi guys;

I use Scrivener and I can’t seem to find Helvetica in my font list. Funny thing is, it’s not in the list in Word either, so there is probably something weird going on with my computer rather than with Scrivener itself. Still, I figured that someone here might have some knowledge about what’s going on and how to fix it - you’d be doing me a huge solid! I’ve tried googling the problem without success, so… LiteratureAndLate forums, you are my only hope.

Apparently Helvetica is a standard font on Macs only. The replacement for Windows is Segoe UI. (After a certain date, not sure when.)

Google: helvetica truetype font

You’ll see discussions of this in the search results.

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As tomwood said, unless you had personally installed Helvetica on your Windows machine, you aren’t likely to have that font. However, it’s a default font for many things on macOS and Scrivener there uses (or previously used) it in several places–notes, and possibly inspector comments and footnotes in an earlier version. If you share projects between machines, or if you used a project template created by a Mac user, you may have had Helvetica text in the project that was reporting as “Helvetica” in the font bar but was actually being substituted with Arial on Windows. This font quirk of the font naming was fixed in 1.9.6.

Thanks for the help, guys - you’re the best!