Here is why I love you today, Keith...

Having lately come to the realization that I am outmoded on the very basest of levels, I was faced with the daunting task of not only reprogramming my ancient brain, but fixing, throughout a 657-page manuscript, every instance where I had put TWO spaces after a sentence-ending period rather than the preferred contemporary single space.

I learned to type on a typewriter, is why. What’s that, you ask?

Never mind.

Anyhow, Scriv to the rescue. Project Find and Replace.

The shred of sanity I have left remains intact. Bless you, Keith, for this beautiful and elegant tool.


(And in previewing this note, I notice I STILL put two spaces after a period. But the board fixes them right away! I stand in awe.)

Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to type sitting?

Thanks Molly’s Mum, glad Scrivener helped with that. :slight_smile: There is also the Text > Convert > Multiple Spaces to Space option, which was created for exactly this purpose (although it only works on single documents, so if project replace would still be best if you wanted to change spaces across the whole project).

In fact, I added Convert > Multiple Spaces to Space back in the early days of Scrivener for my own purposes - I still have a lot of Word documents lying around that were written in my early twenties that have two spaces after every period. Even though I learned to type on a computer, I first typed (badly) on my mom’s old typewriter, so she taught me her conventions, and it took me years to stop adding two spaces after a period. Although it now drives me nuts when I open up one of those old documents and find all that extra spacing…

Thanks again!
All the best,

I actually prefer two spaces for a new sentence, but that may be because I otherwise sometimes produce sentences that you can’t tell if it’s supposed to be part of the previous sentence or not except for the spacing. (It makes more sense to read than it sounds like, I promise.)

But more on-topic, the site’s conversion of multiple spaces into one is actually a standard component of HTML. (That’s the coding language that BBCode stands for.) Just thought you might like knowing that, Mollys Mum. :mrgreen:

One more piece of information to gently nudge onto the crowded shelf that is my brain. Wonder what just fell off the back edge… :blush:

Hopefully nothing to do with mixing.

Never fear, Jaysen. All that stuff stays in front! :laughing:

Only slightly more on topic, does Mr. Molly’s Mum know that every day you look for reasons to “love” Keith?

Not that I have a problem with your somewhat unusual relationship map (I have been trying to keep up with your passions) but if he is not up to date with the love of the minute I can give him a high level overview.

It’s his birthday on Thursday, the poor beleaguered soul. Wait until he passes at least one more milestone before you drop any bombshells. His heart is not what it used to be. :wink:

Funny you should express such sympathy for him. To all my horsey friends, he is known as LST–Long Suffering Ted. I have no idea where this notion comes from. :unamused:

Seeing that theses folks are associated with you, I think the answer becomes obvious. By way of example I offer the following question: Who here does not assume that snort is anything less than a saint?

:open_mouth: :blush: :blush: :blush: