Here's a new one ...

Here in the Land of the Great Firewall, one is used to trying to go to a site only to wait for a while before receiving the message “Timeout”.

I wonder who has changed the message, the University sysadmins or the InterPol people …

Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 11.15.43.png

This computer is clearly not offline as it has just taken me to othello’s posting about KB’s article. Can one believe that The Atlantic’s computer is (permanently, perhaps?) offline?

Mr. Fallows and his guest bloggers write about the Middle Kingdom quite often. No doubt the Firewall Minders have noticed.


It turned out that there were problems in the network between Xiamen through Quanzhou to Fuzhou, where the Provincial network servers are. What was so peculiar is that it was hitting some websites, like The Atlantic, and, but not lit&lat, nor, nor any of my mail hosts though GyazMail … weird, I call it!


Edit Oh, but I better have another go to see if I can read Keith’s deathless prose … though maybe The Atlantic is blocked anyway! Let me try. :slight_smile:

We can copy and paste, if you can’t access it.
[size=85]Spelling’s atrocious![/size]

Thanks Vic, but it’s OK … I could get it …

About to read the second instalment. :slight_smile: