Here's an alternative set of icons

Attached is an alternative set of 175 icons for use with Scrivener for Mac (The Windows version doesn’t support this feature at time of writing).

I created these icons some years ago (hence some of the older items such as a video and floppy disc) for use with a mobile PIM application but since I started using the Windows Beta version of Scrivener, it occurred to me they might be of use here but haven’t been able to try them as the Windows version doesn’t currently support alternative icons. Recently, though, I’ve started using a Mac and finally got the chance to amend the icons for use in Scrivener.

The icons are a mix of fairly random subjects that I did to suit my needs at the time but they’ll hopefully be of use in Scrivener. A couple of them may duplicate icons that already exist in Scrivener but I thought I may as well convert them all and leave you to use the ones you want. Some are UK centric both visually and in name but most will be pretty universal.

As they stand they’re in three groups:

AC Icons
The largest group full of miscellaneous icons

AC Icons Flags
A few national flags (plus a chequered flag)

AC Icons Clocks
A set of clocks showing the main hour times (1 O’Clock, 2 O’Clock etc)

Now I know how to make them for Scrivener, if you’ve got a need for an icon that’s not currently in the set, let me know and I might well add it.

I also created an alternative cork board texture with a more saturated colour. It can be found here.

Update - V2
I’ve updated the zip file to V2. I think I may have hit some icon number limit so split the flag icons into their own group (AC Icons Flags) - sorry if that means you have to re-assign the flag icons. The zip contains the following fixes and additions:


  • The ‘Desert Island’ icon had the wrong picture - fixed.
  • Renamed Goldfish icon so it’s now part of the animals group (so you’ll have to manually reassign it to any document that currently uses it)

New Icons:

  • Cowboy
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Medals: Gold, Silver & Bronze
  • Man symbol
  • Woman Symbol
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Horse
  • Tick (Check mark)
  • X (Cross)
  • New flags including Chinese national flag and various plain coloured flags

AC Icons for Scrivener (613 KB)

Now I need to write a story with a Panda in it just so I can use your panda icon!

Thanks for sharing these.

No problem - glad to hear they’re of use.

I’d be curious to hear if anyone finds a use for the poo icon :smiley:

I think you could use it for just about all the files in my scriv projects.


Yeah, maybe it could mean ‘this section may be in need of a bit of a polish’ (putting it kindly). I have many of those types of section myself - perhaps it’ll end up being the most used icon?

Or “this is a pile of”

Whichever case may apply…

Or “polishing this is as productive as polishing a turd. Scrap it and rewrite.”

You don’t happen to have a version that looks like it’s made of gold, do you? Short-hand for “This is the SH*T! Awesome writing, mister!”

You might want to use the Oscar (‘Award’) icon for that.

But a pile of golden poo is more my “style”. :wink:

I can’t wait to get back to my mac and take a peek at these icons. I can always use more icons. Thanks for sharing!

Well, I guess I’m the only person who can’t figure out how to get the unzipped file into Scrivener. I guess my only excuse is that I’ve been writing instead of figuring out the software.

Anyway, a little help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Go to the ‘Documents’ menu, select ‘Change Icon’ then ‘Manage Icons’, press the ‘+’ at the bottom of the page, select the icons you want and they should then appear.

See section 8.5 of the manual for more detail.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much. How totally cool! And I love the British flavor. Except there’s no cowboy or horse. I guess I’ll have to put my cowboy on the London underground and let him find his own way, without his gun. This could be his greatest challenge ever.

As always, the Scrivener cast are so helpful! :mrgreen:

No problem. I may make a few additions later if I get a chance…

In the mean time, you could maybe use the ‘Gun’ to represent your cowboy?

Thanks for these cool icons. :slight_smile:

I could not find the ‘Change Icon’ menu, not in Scrivener nor in the manual, so I assume you’re talking about the Mac version (right? :slight_smile: ). If not, how can I use these icons in the Windows version?

Yes, perhaps I should have mentioned that EDIT: Updated original post to mention it.

The Windows version doesn’t currently have this feature so only the Mac version can use them for now. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the Windows version allows you to add and use different icons.

I’ve added some new icons - see the original post for details and for V2 of the zip file.

I saw lots of posts on how to do it, and was hunting for that “Change Icon” indicator, and now I find out the Windows version doesn’t have it.
Why not?

Yep, it’s frustrating but I believe the intention is for the Windows version to have all the functions found on the Mac eventually (including the ability to change and add icons), it’s just that it’s been in development for much less time than the Mac version so the developer hasn’t had time yet to incorporate all the features.

It must be said that changing icons won’t be a high priority for most users so it’s not surprising it’s not in there yet. If it’s a priority for you, I’d suggest letting the developer know on the Windows version forum - if enough people say they need it, I’d imagine it might move up his to-do list.


Hmmm…an outbreak of Coprophilia, aboard Scrivener (or ‘Crapophilia’, as some of the lesser intellects will no doubt proclaim). A worrying development.
Do take care
Dr Mulality.

Thanks for sharing! :smiley: