Herm, Where Did My Project Go?

Alright, so, I did NaNoWriMo this year.
I came very close to finishing my novel a week ago, and decided to not write for a while because of the holidays.
And then I opened up a separate project for a research paper a couple of days later. Now my first project, with all 47k words of my novel, is gone.

I don’t know where it could have gone.

I opened the file that was saved in my documents, but in there, there is NOTHING.
I… I don’t get it. And of course, because I am an idiot sometimes, I didn’t bother backing up my novel again before I closed the project down originally. (and I had added 6 or 7 chapters)

I was wondering if any of you were super genius miracle workers. In which case, I’d totally appreciate the use of your powers right now. I’m hoping this is just some silly error of mine that can be easily fixed.
Thanks in advance,

I’m assuming this is the project that you emailed about and has since happily been found?