Hero's Journey (Vogler) Template

Um. I’m having the same problem, can you explain for my sake?

for me in windows this is what happened and the solution:

  1. downloaded as a zipped folder… I clicked on it
  2. it looked to have unziped sub folders and files (no zipper on them) (these gave me same error message above.
  3. right click in the apparently unzipped folder and it will ask you to extract all.
  4. once I did that the scriv file opened with no problem.

Also, copying and pasting the files (not folder) to another location works.

By the way AWESOME templet cudos to the creator. Any others you make I would check out!

Hope that is clear. The short version make sure the files are unzipped, extracted and not just accessible.

:blush: So that’s what I did wrong. Silly me. :blush:

Thank you for sharing this! It still works all these years later!

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Did you have to tweak anything, or did it just work right off ?