Hey!! Is Sin a big boy now!?

[size=150]HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG ‘N’[/size]
Here’s the dancing girls youtube.com/watch?v=_9vVfZPk5FA
Here’s the booze
Here’s the nosh! enjoy

Have a good ‘n’
Uncle vic

Aw. Thanks, uncle V. You sure you brought enough booze to the pig roast? :laughing:

probably…give or take…y’ know what student appetites are like. :open_mouth:

Ya fergot a few tings there v-man

Hot Tub

Beer Cooler

Party Boat


And the southern bells

Unfortunately my computer’s nixed the Party Boat pic. But I love the wrasslin’ (sadly not available down here in God’s own county, unless one of my celebrity neighbours takes agin a hatcheck girl on a Friday night - it’s happened :confused: ).

Sin, have a good one.

Heh. Sad thing is, Wock, I think I’ve participated in all of those events. If heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie, I’d just as soon stay home. Eh, Wock?

Anyhow, thanks for the birthday wishes, folks. Had a great, but mild one as I enter finals week for the end of the semester. Saving up for New Year’s, I suppose.