HI!DO you guys know how to get the cut-off rule is full of a line quickly?

Just like 「3times —— and enter」 translate to the cut-off rule is full of a line in the Word(the office word).

If the way isn’t exist,Could you add the button in the Format Toolbars? Let the whole line finished by a click!

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Sorry for my poor English……

Could you post a few screenshots to show what you mean? I think this would help:

  • Something from before you translate the cut-off rule.
  • What it looks like if you type (or do) all but the last thing you need to do, so we can see what that means.
  • What the result looks like.

In the Evernote:

In the MS Office word:

A long line from start to the end !

I need to type —— all the time in scrivener(or I get wrong way?) ,so I want a button like this one ▼

I see!. There isn’t a divider line yet, but there will be in version 3 (the beta version you can get from this forum). It will have a selection of divider line styles to choose from.

For now though, open Tools ▸ Options…, in the “Corrections” section:

  1. Tick the Enable additional substitutions box (at the very bottom).
  2. Click the Edit Substitutions… button.

You can add a shortcut to type out a full line for you. I have one that I use: “-*-”, which prints a bunch of em dashes. I think that is even better than a button. All you need to do is type, which you’re probably already doing! Leave the mouse alone (or leave it to the cat). :slight_smile:

I get it!


lol,mouse can’t satisfy my cat already!