hi every one why isnt my serial number working

ok so i bought scrivener forever ago and i just bought a new computer and i literally copied and pasted my name and the activation key from the e-mail into scrivener

the old computer was a macbook and this ones running windows 8 is that the problem? or was it because i bought it so long ago that i have to buy it again? either way i literally don’t even have enough to cover bills this month and i have a deposit due next month so im kind of desperate and dont want to just buy it again when i already did

The Mac license won’t work with your Windows computer. You’ll have to purchase a Windows license.

See viewtopic.php?f=18&t=27725&start=0&hilit=discount

If you own Scrivener for Mac version 2, a discount is offered when purchasing for Windows (see the “click here” highlighted link in the text for the Windows product.

Otherwise, you can use the free fully featured demo for 30 days (days don’t have to be consecutive), to tide you over.