Hi folks, I'm back....

I doubt anyone remembers me from the dinosaur years I used to frequent this forum. Vic-K, Jaysen? Anyhow, much water under the bridge and family tragedy I won’t go into in public, but I’ve dusted off Scrivener and hope to start a new project, a memoir for a client. Can’t go into too much detail here owing to confidentiality clause in the contract, but I’m so looking forward to working with Scrivener and chatting with you guys again. I’m sure much has changed since 2010, and I have to touch base with Keith about any updates - I think I’m running Scriv 2 but not sure about minor changes. So, good to be here and hope all are well. Especially you, Vic. XOXO

Not really. Vic-K is still imagining us all into existence. :slight_smile:

Nice to see you are back.

Cherie!! Mon amour, In my heart (if I had one), you have never been gone! I would be … how you say? … tickled to death to see your fair form once more, if I wasn’t already there!
Free love reigns again!! Yeah!

I am your to command, [size=150]Sexy Mamma[/size]
[size=150]Le D[/size] [size=150]x x x x [/size]

Welcome back, MM. It’s been very quiet here without you - too quiet.

Yes, Welcome back … Vic’s been really quiet without you around … must have been pining!


Mr X

How lovely to see(?) you all!! I’ve spent the entire morning opening a new user account on my iMac for this project, and now I can’t load up Scrivener there because my name and serial number are apparently invalid. My guess is this is because I shared Scriv with my kids when they were home, but neither use it anymore – I’ll wait to hear from Keith what’s up. Quite happy to buy it again if necessary.

Jaysen, you need to update your bio line! Surely it’s more than 22 blissful years. :slight_smile: Hugh and Vic–and Mr. X!–, so sweet of you to remember me!! How is your own work going?

Back to wrestling with the computer. Setup is a bitch. :confused:

Love to all–


I update it every year. We maybe younger than you think. Or at least dumber based on our procreating at a stupid early age.

Welcome back, Molly’s Mum.

The current version of Scrivener for Mac is version 2.7. Drop us a line at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com and we’ll try and get your registration sorted.

All the best,

Hello! Yeah, still a figment of vic-k’s brain.

Welcome back :smiley:

If we are all a figment of vic-k, then I’m glad he’s remembered you.
If we exist independently (I’m not entirely sure this is preferable) then I’m glad that you’ve endured and are writing again.
Scriv has some new wonders, and apparently more are on the way once the dreaded iOS version is released.


Mock my brain at your peril!! Mock not lest ye be mockerededed. I’ll set Le D on to yoosall!! :open_mouth:

Obviously, that doesn’t apply to you Mum :smiling_imp: