Hi! I'm a writer.

Hi, on this forum I’m deblogan. In other places on the web I’m Debbie Mumford. In either incarnation, I’m a writer! :smiley:

I’m e-published in romantic fantasy and SFF, but my current excitement is that I’ve signed with a NYC Literary Agency and have a middle grade fantasy making the rounds!

I’m brand new to the world of Mac/Apple and have just downloaded a trial copy of Scrivener. So far, so good.

Later, Literature and Latte Lovers!

Hi! Nice to meet you, and sorry I took so long to notice your post. :blush:

Question: what type of romance are they, on the sensuality front? I notice you describe them as sweet/tangy, but I’m not sure what you mean by that, since the excerpt for the “sweet” one has a “leave if under 18” warning.

Hello and welcome!

I love Scrivener - I hope you find it useful.