Hi! I'm new here

Hi I’m new here!
My name is Diego Regina.
I’m from Italy.


Mr Diego,
Welcome aboard Scrivener. Being from Italy won’t save you, there’s no escaping the fate you’ve chosen for yourself. The Good Ship Scrivener is crewed by a motley bunch of lost souls, all floundering in the maelstrom of literary endeavour. There is no escape, Mr Diego. You life is about to become one long uphill struggle. Think in terms of:

Hi Diego,

another welcome… from Italy!

have a good Scriv-experience

(and don’t worry, Fluff is not dangerous :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

Buon 2011


can you prove that?

Still alive, after reading so many post from that cat…

Danger need not lead to death. Are you sure that you have not lost a significant number of brain cells? Has an hour of time magically vanished causing your deadline to quietly approach unnoticed?


Hi Diego! :smiley:
Have fun.
And Fluff is the smartest feline ever. I wish I had a cat like Fluff, but she’s already with a brilliant writer named Vic who appears to be suffering from dissociative identity disorder, one of his personalities being Le D :smiling_imp: .

Ahh ma chérie, ma petite dominatrice, you know me…how you say…so well…non? 8)
Le D :smiling_imp:

Welcome aboard Diego!
Ignore all warnings of the +3 and take notice that the core crew of this ship are actually “robots” with evil plots of world domination and free beer subsidization for all coders of the SCR project(s).

Be warned the kitty for he will seduce you with literary vomit spewed forth from the kitty litter box with promises of fame and fortune (if you buy into the Kitty self Help certification program… which involves supplying the cat with absinthe and coffee shop coordinates).

There are of course other warnings and disclaimers that will be brought forth but I shall let the rest of the SCR locals warn you of all the procrastination that will be forthcoming since you have joined our ranks.

Mais oui, mon chocolat…


where I am?

Dante had a word for it. :smiling_imp:

Even wrote a book about it.

Do you know how hard it is to roll a boulder uphill on a rocking ship…

Alas, I do…