This is my first post in this forum so let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Liden and I work as a librarian i a small school in Sweden. Before I got my position as librarian I used to work as a programmer. Since I work with books I am a little curious how writers think and what they value. And as I understand many of the participants in this forum are writers :smiley:.

Welcome aboard Scrivener, and its happy band of miscreants, ne’r-do-'ell, dead beats, no-hopers, fantasists, charlatans… and writers.

When I read those words, my heart went out to you. But! If it is a road that you are determined to travel along, then let caution be your constant companion. Don’t offer to lend money to anyone! No matter how heartrending a tale of woe they lay at your feet, don’t weaken.

Despite the above, anna, once again, welcome aboard (you may even enjoy it :wink:)
Take care

Hi Anna, welcome aboard. I see you have met Vic-k; be careful trying to understand how he thinks, it could be dangerous. :wink:


Excuse my French, anna :wink:

Hey there, Anna.

Let me warn you: insight into any writer’s thinking may be a frightening proposition. Browser histories of authors are frightening enough! There’s deviant sexuality, morbid fascination with crime of all sorts, weapons both modern and medieval, occultism, obsession, megalomania, …physics! And that’s not to mention what they research for their books. Truly bizarre stuff.

Welcome, and may you avoid the gaze of the dark gods who slumber below… :blush: I mean… have fun!

PHYSICS!!! :open_mouth: You sicko, Guthrie. Wot y’ tryin’ t’ do, frighten anna away? :open_mouth:

I prefer to think of it as a trial by thermodynamics. If she sticks around, she’s here for good. If not, then she’d have run away eventually. :smiling_imp:

Welcome aboard Anna to the Ship of procrastination and wistful dreaming and thoughtless debate. Here you will find much information about drinking establishments, drinks or foods in themselves, what broke people do to make ends meet (authors are a penniless lot), computer jargon that would make a great Nerd Gone Wild Audio Tape, a few 3 word stories that take you very deep down the rabbit hole and some characters that are so unbelievable that your head would spin at the psychological implications. The cast or “crew” I should say (yes you are now on the pirate ship) are quite colorful and unique. but let me warn you of a few things.

You will keep returning to these forums. Once the habit starts the only solution is to stop paying your electric bill and hope they cut off your internet.
You will participate in the banter (it can’t be helped. It is addictive. It is internet Crack)
You will hijack a thread. We all hijack threads. It is a must. Some use brute force. Others subtle subterfuge.
You will have a thread hijacked. Even 3 word stories get a little jacking every once in a while.
You will eventually create your own signature and avatar and then all hope is lost. It is a sign of the true addict.
You will laugh, cry, cheer, giggle, gasp, and rage at your computer but you will either enjoy the ship or you will run as fast as you can and as far as you can.

As far as researching what authors think and value be warned. We are only limited by our imagination…

Now, Anna we need your help in solving a very long debate.

[size=200]PIE vs BROWNIES[/size]
Which is better and why?

[size=50]^see what I did there[/size]

Did you know that emus like Twisties?

Why do we know this information? Is there a dark and sinister reason? Something like a brother-in-law leaving a the convertible top down on his band new roadster that requires this level of intimate Emu knowledge?

Not that I have need of said knowledge …


You have just met all of the major flirts in Scriveneria.

Welcome, and caveat emptor. :open_mouth:


Could be important. For example, let’s say you were to give a young child an open packet of Twisties while they were strapped in a pusher (aka “stroller” in North American) and then go for a walk into a paddock (aka “field”) filled with hungry wild emus. Knowledge of their predilection for a bright orange, grain-based cheesy Australian snack food could be very helpful at such times so you would know why the 2-metre (7 foot), 65 kilo (150 pound) birds capable of running 50km/h (31mph) were approaching.

My mother was very brave the way she grabbed her bag and ran, without even pausing to see if the emus were following. Of course, Mum would have been even braver if she had taken me with her. I was about 2 years old at the time and was still strapped in the pusher. With the Twisties.

Not that I was affected by the experience in any way (although I still speak passable emu).

Are you sure she “forgot” you? Sounds like the perfect set up to dispose of a problem child…

Seems to me, that shemu wot she was doing.

You owe xerox a laptop. This one is covered in coffee.

And I’m not sure which is worse, the bad pun or the fact I laughed at it.

Y’re supposed t’ be working, ain’t y’’?
Anyway, it’s a brilliant pun, worthy of anyone’s laughter.

Umm… work is relative? Maybe?

The one impoirtant factor one is forgetting in the EMU hijackathon is simply this.

Are we talking licensed EMU’s or unlicensed? You should be able to tell by the plates.

I knew fluff had something to do with EMUs

Beware the cats

So, apparently, is “brilliant”.

Although, by a bizarre coincidence, shemu was my new emu mother’s name. So I reluctantly publicly acknowledge vic-k for his prescience conveyed with wit and charm.
[size=50]I feel dirty[/size]

Wock, all I can say is…


Emu pirate(sml).jpg

I’ve only managed one pot of coffee… What are you saying? Has my lustre worn off? Do I need more time with a buffer and wax?