I just need to know what whitening toothpaste did Shemu use because her teeth look fabulous! Brighter than bleached bones in the desert. The Emu pirate looks like the bartender on this (SCR) very pirate ship. Are you sure that pic is not a selfie? Is our bartender an emu?

[size=150]“BARKEEP!” “Do you Emu?”[/size]

Oh hey by the way, after the thread hijacks, pics of mommy dearest, and some barkeeps selfies - has anyone heard from Anna? She popped in to say hello and then I think we forum vomited the internet as seen through our twisted eyes and I have not a peep?

Was it the physics? The Emus? Could it be the debate on Twisties? ALAS! Did she walk the plank?

I would ask Jaysen to keep any eye out but…

Oh well… Maybe she’ll pop in a bit pull up a bar stool. Until then the debate must go ON!

Now something I am dying to know. Why do they call them apartments when they are all stuck together?

Well, that escalated quickly.

Scary, init? :frowning:

Careful there Mr Pot.


The Kettle clan

Anna did want to know how writers think…

All we need then, are some writers, to help anna with her queries.

And we did warn her. Maybe she’s wiser than the rest of us and ran bravely away.

In all seriousness, I think the values of writers are as diverse as the world at large, though literacy is probably higher up there than for the general populace. We do tend toward a more cautious stance on copyright and related issues than some, but that shouldn’t be surprising.

Pose an issue, and you’ll find writers arguing about it: commas, Digital Rights Management, story structure, beer, caffeine delivery systems, ornate language, adverbs, new dictionary words, sex, tech, sex tech… the list is limitless and ever changing.

What do writers value? Writing. Reading. Breathing.

:open_mouth: Really‽ Have you been reading Fifty Shades of Grey, or some such manual, young Bob? :blush:

Right!! That’s it!! Enough of the rubbish!!

Here is a link to the Guardian’s Review supplement from Last Sat. It should answer some of the questions you’ve asked. :wink:
theguardian.com/books/2014/a … oker-prize



solitude for writing
the alpha state
proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
a good keyboard

thinking all the time, can’t stop it no matter how hard I try.

P.S. The student union building at the University of Oregon is the Erb Memorial Union, commonly referred to in Eugene as the Emu.

Ayup … you guys done frightened her away! Last word heard is that Anna went and hunkered down in a cave in lower Tierra del Fuego. That toothy-grin bird was entirely too much!

Sorry Anna… please come back.

Sadly, this thread really is an example of how I think. Flipping through my various journals and notebooks (both paper and electronic) I have all sorts of things. There are snippets of absurd whimsy that make this thread seem logical; examples of free writing that are simply… odd; there are children’s stories ranging from simple to attempts at profound (e.g. an allegory of life and death in a story about a leaf); humour; short stories of love dragons and unicorns (actually, that was just one story); religion; broken hearts; poetry—mostly bad, sometimes worse (limericks), occasionally approaching readable; ruminations on the physics of magic; philosophical discussions of the nature of evil in narrative; reflections on my own character as expressed through my thoughts, hopes and dreams (and loves, and losses, and inconsolable griefs) and then the same for many of the characters I have developed; snippets of a tragic undergraduate love story that formed the basis of my current work in progress. And there are lots and lots of pieces describing whatever I could see, hear, smell and feel from whatever place I was writing (many of which later became snippets of my work in progress).

So, I value:
• writing (I’m even trialling incorporating writing practice into my daily meditation routine)
• ideas - which requires knowledge of things, theories and people, which requires…
• reading - I love novels, but in the last few years have read very few. However, I have read more academic journal articles, text books and monographs than I care to consider. These enable to “read” in different ways than I could previously. I might also include viewing art and drama as “reading”, at least for the purposes of this post.
• play - it is in play that ideas emerge, form, are modified, tested and either adopted, adapted, or put aside. Whether or not it is called play is another matter, but the underlying principles are essential. My wife is an artist and we occasionally discuss the importance of being able to mess up: If you don’t have permission to make a mistake, then you can’t experiment and try new things. This, to my mind, is the essence of play. Without play, all you can do is regurgitate prior ideas or mechanically extrapolate them (hello the Hollywood sequel).
• discipline. Discipline develops the skills needed shape the ideas that form during play into something coherent and worthwhile; discipline also maintains the concerted, repeated, effort required to apply those skills long enough to shape a finished product. Without discipline, you get… well, many of the responses in this thread*. :wink:

[size=85]*But sometimes it’s good to play with friends[/size]

Hey… Hey… Don’t pick on vic-k that way…

Well, all I have to say is, I did warn anna about you lot. She has probably taken one look at the stuff you’ve posted, and thought to herself, “Vic’s right. They’re nothing but a bunch of feckless mountebanks!”

Ah well… c’est la vie. :frowning:

What did you expect was going to happen when the first person the poor woman bumped into was Vic?

Never mind the rest of you!

I want to hear more about Nom’s love dragon.
No, wait. On second thoughts…

no no no

It is likely breathing fire…

That’s bad. for nom.

Cheeky girl :smiling_imp:

This guy’s a friggin’ weirdo!! :open_mouth:

So I dropped a comma. Sue me. :imp:

(I had a longer response, including details about the origins of the Dragon of Dorr and his connections with my love of storytelling, but I lost my internet connection just as posted and lost it all. It was a great story though. A great story. )